A little about Jennifer

Jennifer’s collection is a reflection on her love for structural forms and geometric patterns found in nature and architecture, which she translates into wearable pieces of jewellery. Her collections are designed with simplicity and modernity but with a classic touch. All pieces are individually hand made and finished in her workshop in Paisley, Scotland

After graduating from Art School, Jennifer decided to go into the sales side of the jewellery industry. Whilst working in a luxury British jewellery retailer, she continually developed her knowledge and skills; from learning in depth about diamonds and metals, to the inner workings of timepieces. During her time here, Jennifer’s love of creating did not stop and so continued making jewellery as a hobby.

In 2016, Jennifer decided to go full time with her jewellery business and started her new collection ‘Frontier’; a collection of delicate but strong pieces that are simplistic and tough for everyday wear whilst having the elegance of fine jewellery.

As well as core collections, Jennifer also welcomes bespoke commissions. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you.